Cornell Cooperative Extension PERMACULTURE EVENTS

Thursday September 11: Volunteer Session (4-6 pm) followed by a potluck (6-8 pm)

Join us for the last event in the Permaculture Park this year. We will do some planting and finish sheet mulching, swap edible and utilitarian perennials, then gather for a potluck in the park to celebrate our first year and talk about future plans. If it’s raining the potluck will be held at CCE Tompkins, 615 Willow Avenue.

Thursday September 18, 6 -7:30 pm: Yardworks— Free hands-on class on planting to attract birds and pollinators

Learn about native shrubs, trees and perennials that provide food and habitat for native birds and pollinators. This is a hands-on class where we will design and plant a native garden in one area of the park. Tools and gloves provided.

Permaculture, Plants and People Tours

These tours are free and open to the public! There will be a van leaving from CCE, 615 Willow Avenue about 15 minutes before the start of each tour. To reserve a seat on the van, call 272-2292 or email  (limited seats available). You can also drive to each site and meet the group there.

Saturday September 13, 10 am—11:30 pm: Hemlock Grove Farm, 180 Walding Lane, Spencer NY (off Rt 34/96)

Tour a mature nut grove planted with hazelnuts and chestnuts, sample ripe nuts and learn about nut tree cultivation.

Wednesday October 1, 5-7 pm: BWW Farm, 8144 Searsburg Road, Trumansburg   Visit an experimental nut planting and sample nuts from mature wild and planted varieties with John Wertis.

Wednesday October 8, 4-7 pm: Cornell Paw Paw Orchard, Swayze Road, Lansing   Visit the largest paw paw orchard for a tasting tour with manager Erick Shatt and a presentation on growing paw paws by Josh Dolan.

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