Permaculture Park in Winter

   While much of Ithaca and Upstate NY has entered hibernation mode, the Permaculture Park continues to grow and flourish even in the dead of Winter. One of our intrepid volunteers is hard at work on a landscape schematic of our current plantings and a cross section featuring many of our dreamy ideas. These illustrations will be used later this winter into the early spring as we initiate round 2 of our design process.

We are also tending to our tropical INDOOR food forest at Cornell Cooperative Extensions education center at 615 Willow Ave. Several species of beautiful luscious tropical fruits are currently occupying a corner of our lobby and adding some color to our otherwise stark winter existence. As much as we enjoy having them to brighten up our days, we can’t wait for them to go back outside once the cold weather lifts.

Finally, we must give props to Annie Sherman, executive assistant to Ithaca’s Mayor Svante Myrick who has been taking care of a very high profile banana plant that was delivered this fall to the mayors office. Here’s a selfie that the banana took recently.

banana selfie #bananaselfie

Here’s some inspiration for you from our favorite public food forest in Seattle, Beacon Hill.


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